ACTive Topics drama workshops

Engage with topics on a deeper level using the skills and techniques of professional theatre. 

drama workshops for primary school

Discover -> Explore -> Learn -> Create!

Outer Space, Recycling, Climate Change, Endangered Species, Victorian Britain, World Wars, Anti-Bullying - to name a few. Children love accessing these important topics through their own unique experiences.

Our ACTive Topics workshops use top quality drama to inspire children to engage with all these topics and more.

Led by an expert drama facilitator the children use their imagination to develop their knowledge, feelings and thoughts about your topic.

Each drama workshop can last between 35 and 90 minutes depending on your chosen book/topic, and we can work with children from EYFS to KS2.

The ACTive Process

Each of our workshops take children deep into the chosen topic. Drama exercises enable them to imagine and explore the key characters, contexts and events from new angles.

This gives the children a fresh enthusiasm to take into further work in the classroom.

For example, during our Outer Space workshop the children:

  • Discover and discuss what it’s like to be an astronaut and travel into outer space.

  • Explore the differences between the planets through the eyes of an astronaut venturing into the unknown.

  • Learn about the moon, the main planets and imagine aliens of all shapes and sizes.

  • Create and become their own space rocket!


The list is always growing, but these are the existing topics. Please let us know which you are interested in and we will provide more information.

ACTive History

Florence Nightingale

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

The Great Fire of London

Life for Victorian Children

World War One

World War Two



ACTive Geography and Environment

Endangered Species and their Habitats


Climate Change - Hotting Up!

ACTive Citizens

Anti-bullying (click here for more information!)

ACTive Science

Outer Space

Other topics - please ask!

We’re creating new ACTive Topics workshops all the time - if you have a special request for a topic let us know and we may be able to make your workshop next at no extra charge!

What you need to know

Workshop leader: An experienced drama facilitator, with a current Enhanced DBS check.

Age range: Reception to Year 6 (with Nursery versions of appropriate workshops). P1 to P7 in Scotland.

Location: In your school hall

Group size: Up to 30 children per class.

Minimum booking lengths: Bookings as short as one class for one hour are available to schools inside the M25, and also in Oxfordshire. We hope to offer this flexibility in other parts of the country in due course.

For schools in and south of Birmingham, and in and east of Bristol the minimum booking is a half-day. Elsewhere in the country the minimum booking is a full day.